Thursday, July 14, 2011

HCG Homeopathic Drops - Will You Lose Fat With hHCG?

You could have heard of HCG drops for weight loss and the HCG diet as such - it's a diet made for virtually any overweight person who needs to lose weight and inches and keep it off then. There are 2 key rules it's important to live by for the diet to work; firstly, you're only permitted to consume 500 calories daily for some time, commonly no more than 40 days. Secondly, you must eat or inject daily a pregnancy hormone called HCG, that will cause your body to release the unwanted body fat much easier than if you were simply starving. It reduces your appetite substantially, too.

The straightforward answer is yes, homeopathic HCG drops do work, but there are particular things you have to stick to in order to lose as much as 2 pounds per day. These "things" must be followed by you to the letter, without any excuses, variations or whatever. Do not try to reinvent the wheel, the HCG diet has been proven throughout decades to be effective and everything has been tested so as to make the diet most effective. For instance, you should not randomly change meals on the diet, whether or not they contained the same calories. Doing so may cause you to gain weight, not lose. Also, you shouldn't eat less than the mentioned five hundred calories a day, otherwise the influence on your overall health could be terrible.

The most important thing to achieve real, rapid, and above all, permanent results, is to buy from trustworthy manufacturers. It's so easy today to fall into trap of one of the many scam companies that promote their socalled HCG out there, whereas their products often don't contain HCG at all!

In case you are interested in going on the diet and would like to start with homeopathic HCG drops, You should visit Emily's website by clicking on one of the links above in the article. She is an expert not only on HCG drops for weight loss, but on the HCG diet as such, too.

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